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Brand 555 Cigarettes

555 555
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555 Cigarettes

State Express 555 cigarettes - marketed since a long time

State Express 555 cigarettes brand is a legendary cigarette sort produced by the British American Tobacco Company (BAT). This brand is marketed since a long time. For example, Indian consumers enjoyed these cigarettes when still old silver-styled packs of 555 have been found in India which once was a British mandate.

The history of these branded cigarettes began in 1893. The trademark name had then firstly appeared in the mind of Sir Albert Levy, a British tobacco trader, when he visited New York. While travelling by the Empire State Express train, he was astounded with its speed in the track from New York City till Buffalo. No other train could reach the same speed of 160 km/h at that time.

Sir Levy was greatly fond of that name and made them to a description of his trademark after he came back to the UK. The brand name was initially recorded in Ireland in March, 1896. The brand name consisted of the words State Express and numerals (three numbers, ranging from 111 to 999) 555, which were recorded under the British Registration No. 290529 in February, 1907.

Numerals were used for identification of various trademarks and specified different tobacco blends. For example, the numeral 444 identified a Macedonian leaf, 777 was a description of Turkish tobacco blend.

The producer of State Express cigarettes decided to produce these cigarettes from the Virginia tobacco mixture, which appeared in 1896. The numerals 555 were their description.

The State Express 555 cigarettes (or simply 555s, as they are often referred to) are distributed in over 50 countries of the entire world. Alike some other products, 555 cigarettes are popular in some certain regions. These cigarettes are extremely preferred in Asian countries. The sale volumes are very high in Vietnam, China, Taiwan, India, Bangladesh the 555s.

In other countries, sales rates are also on increase.

The popularity of the 555 cigarettes brand is increased by supporting different sport events alike car and boat racings.

But the reputation of this brand is primarily based on its unique quality. We have already mentioned that these cigarettes were decided to produce from famous Virginia tobacco sorts blend. But the cigarette stuff also includes supplementary ingredients, which are intended for special scents and aromas of these cigarettes.

We offer you to select these cigarettes in our online store and place an order. It is the best way to order them and enjoy their extraordinary taste.