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Brand Salem Cigarettes

Salem Menthol Salem Menthol
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Salem Cigarettes

Salem Cigarettes – An Ideal Menthol Solution

Salem Cigarettes give a sensation of freshness and satisfaction, which has not yet been reached by any of competitive brands, and which is experienced by smokers from time to time.

These cigarettes are produced from high-quality tobacco, which is successfully blended with the necessary amount of menthol.

As a result, these are perfectly balanced menthol cigarettes, producing a perfect aroma of strong tobacco and refreshing mint blend. The rich, perfect taste of Salem cigarettes guarantees a full smoking satisfaction without any stress for your taste receptors.

A typical green packaging has been updated and is presented in a sleek retro style.

Due to its unique packaging, coupled with unsurpassed taste Salem cigarettes stand out among other brands. Easy filter was modeled as efficiently as possible, so that it does not hinder the process of smoking, you can relax and enjoy one of special-kind cigarettes.

Each puff will give you a stable, balanced taste. Each cigarette brand Salem is a real delight for the senses, leaving a tingling taste of fresh mint in your mouth.

Salem Cigarettes were firstly issued in 1956, the same year they became the best-selling product in the US and in the rest of the world as well. The Salem Gold cigarettes are a slight variation of the iconic menthol brand.

Since 1956, Salem did not have analogs among other manufactured menthol cigarette brands. Constantly improving this type of cigarettes, the producer of Salem brand successfully promoted these cigarettes in the market. Salem Gold is a great choice for those who like to enjoy a refreshing mint.

The Salem manufacturer is the American company RJR (Reynolds Tobacco Co.) located in North Carolina, Winston Salem (the brand name derives from this place). Salem cigarettes are available in 2 varieties: Green Label (soft), Black Label (robust).

We offer you to easily find these cigarettes in our online shop and place an order there. While ordering products via Internet, you can always check availability of your cigarettes and exactly pay what you will then receive. On the contrary, going to a shop, you cannot be sure that your desired product is currently there.

The prices of online shops are much more moderate. Consequently, you will buy your Salem cigarettes against affordable prices.

Place us your order and no more comments are necessary, the result will be self-commenting at the end!