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Brand Monte Carlo Cigarettes


Monte Carlo Cigarettes

Monte Carlo Cigarettes – enjoy these cigarettes months and years

Monte Carlo is the brand of cigarettes, literally unique in every way. A special blend of tobaccos is used in their manufacture, which has a completely unique flavor.

The quality and packaging of cigarettes are unique. Lions on their pack symbolize excellent manufacturing quality and the taste at the same time reminding of the relationship of the brand with the magnificent city of Monte Carlo. These "kings of beasts" are the characters of the town arms.

Having once tried Monte Carlo cigarettes, many lovers of tobacco often become fans of this particular brand. After all, the main purpose of Monte Carlo manufacturers is to create the best cigarettes in the world.

Monte Carlo cigarettes brand is now owned by International company Japan Tobacco International.

The hard work of Japanese experts gave excellent results, creating a taste worthy for you. This allows us to offer them around the globe. Particularly strong position of the brand is in the US, Europe, Latin America and some Asian countries.

Fans of Monte Carlo cigarettes find a special positive aura in these cigarettes that creates an unforgettable taste, penetrating into your mind and giving some special state of happiness.

Like many other brands, Monte Carlo cigarettes have special cigarettes which are very admired by the weaker sex. The female types of Monte Carlo cigarettes feature a stylish design in slim-line design (Super Slim) and low levels of nicotine.

Monte Carlo cigarettes specially launched for men have a much stronger flavor and are performed in a standard format peculiar for today - King's Size. For example, these are Monte Carlo Red cigarettes. However, strong taste does not necessarily mean high levels of nicotine. It is only 0.7 mg of nicotine in Monte Carlo Red. Currently, cigarettes Monte Carlo cigarettes are manufactured in Eastern Europe under the strict supervision of specialists of International Corporation of Japan Tobacco International. Visiting our store you can buy real European cigarettes without the risk of forgery or excessive prices.

The secret of our low prices for imported cigarettes is in properly organized logistics and supply of products from the leading distributors. Taking advantage of our delivery service, you can touch the highest quality of the best brands. Furthermore, you can enjoy these cigarettes not even one day, not even a week but months and years. It is a good perspective, isn’t it?