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Brand Esse Cigarettes

Esse Super Slims Blue Esse Super Slims Blue
0.45 mg
4.5 mg
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Price: EUR49.43

3 cartons minimum

Esse Secret Esse Secret
0.5 mg
4 mg
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Price: EUR52.70

3 cartons minimum

ESSE Super Slims Menthol 100's ESSE Super Slims Menthol 100's
0.5 mg
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Price: EUR49.73

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Esse Cigarettes

Manufacturer of the brand "Esse" is the Korean company KT & G. Esse cigarettes are a famous product of this tobacco company.

This brand is the superior quality tobacco product. Esse cigarettes are love of all those who appreciate high-value tobaccos. To create such a superior tobacco product, KT & G selects the tobaccos of exceptional quality. It differentiates Esse cigarettes from competitive products, which are distributed in the tobacco market. Esse cigarettes gain popularity all over the world, owing to their high quality and optimal price.

These cigarettes are distributed with reference to customer tastes and are provided to customers in five sub-brands.

These product categories include Esse Superslims 100's, Esse

Superslims Menthol 100's, Esse Superslims Lights 100's, Esse

Superslims Field 100's, Esse Superslims One 100's.

“Esse lights”: tar content – 4,5mg, nicotine content - 0,45mg

“Esse field”: tar content – 2,5mg , nicotine content - 0.25 mg

“Esse mentol”: tar content – 6,00mg , nicotine content - 0.5mg

Others: tar content – 6,5mg , nicotine content – 0,65mg

As you maybe already know, Esse cigarettes are manufactured in South Korea by Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corp. The company decided to introduce key version of cigarettes - the long ones (100 mm) packed into hard packaging, 20 cigarettes per pack.

Korean tobacco companies pay special attention to the nicotine content of their cigarettes. They also form special pack designs of innovative styles pictured with colored smoke instead of flowers.

Maybe, it does not seem to be too sophisticated but the company uses attractive mottos for its products such as: Esse. Create your own image. Everything is in your power. Luxurious surrounding.

Stylish cigarettes are a dream of each experienced smoker. If you have not tried these cigarettes yet, do not miss a chance to order them now in our store. Let us properly advise you, this is the best and most convenient way to order these cigarettes online.

The very process is a pleasure. Enter our website, browse your Esse cigarette sub-categories, get to know their properties and stuff in details.

After you have specified your order, you just need to indicate a quantity and convenient delivery time and then place an order in one click.

The rest is our care. We will have a delight to hand your order in the place and at the time you advise us and will be happy to list you among our valued customers.