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Brand Gauloises Cigarettes


Gauloises Cigarettes

Gauloises Cigarettes – French design, style and taste

Gauloises is a French brand of cigarettes launched into the European market by Altadis Corporation in 1910. As a result of re-branding, the trademark name was changed to Gauloises Blonder in 1984.

At the start, Gauloises cigarettes did not have a filter, their length was small. For the production of cigarettes, the Turkish and Syrian tobacco sorts were used, which had a rich taste and aroma.

Later, Gauloises cigarettes were produced with filters, tobacco blends were supplemented with the North American tobacco, making their taste much milder.

During the Second World War, the Gauloises brand cigarettes were popular among the French patriots. Their fans were such persons as Pablo Picasso - the founder of Cubism, and other cultural and political figures.

Nowadays, the production of Gauloises cigarettes is arranged in Spain. In the international market, you can find three taste diversities of Gauloises cigarettes: red, blue, yellow. Due to affordable prices and high quality tobacco stuff, these cigarettes are extremely popular among different categories of smokers.

Gauloises cigarette diversities

Gauloises Blue Nicotine — 0.9 mg Tar - 12 mg

Gauloises Red Nicotine - 0,8 мг Tar - 10 mg

Gauloises Yellow Nicotine - 0,4 мг Tar - 4 mg

These cigarettes originally attracted users with innovative designs, which were eye-catching for smoking youngsters. These designs are classical now.

The second thing is that cigarette's stuff. It is a high-quality tobacco and nice aromatic ingredients, amazing anyone who loves smoking. This brand is of French origin and is associated with the French trend, which is regarded as a fashion standard of the entire world. These cigarettes symbolize Paris and its highest styles.

An important feature, which also attracts smokers second, is the quality of these cigarettes production. This is the reason why these cigarettes are so strong.

In order to make their smoking more convenient for those who prefer milder tobaccos, the manufacturer arranged processing of a lighter cigarette version, which is promoted as Gauloises Blondes. These cigarettes are produced from lighter American tobacco sorts. Use an opportunity to order these cigarettes in our online shop against moderate ans reasonable prices and enjoy your taste with this flavory, trendy, famous tobacco product.

Let us do our best for you and present a true value of any true smoker!