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Brand Benson & Hedges Cigarettes

Benson & Hedges Gold Benson & Hedges Gold
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Benson & Hedges Smooth Gold Benson & Hedges Smooth Gold
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Benson & Hedges Silver Benson & Hedges Silver
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Benson & Hedges CIGARETTES

Benson & Hedges Cigarettes

Benson & Hedges – Cigarettes of Long Tradition

The history of the Benson & Hedges brand began in 1873 in London when Richard Benson and William Hedges founded the Benson and Hedges Ltd. Company.

The family business was continued by Alfred Paget Hedges who inherited his father's business in 1885 after Mr. Richard Benson retired.

The business success was confirmed by a Royal Warrant, which was granted to the Benson and Hedges Ltd. in 1878 after the company had been supplying cigarettes for the King's Family during five years.

The eve of the 20th century was marked by extension of the Benson & Hedges company in the USA and Canada where its filials were founded. Since 1928, the US filial separated itself from the mother company; it was acquired by Philip Morris in 1958. The parental Benson & Hedges Ltd located in the United Kingdom was purchased by the Gallaher Group in 1955.

Although the original manufacturing company actually does not exist now, the brand is still marketed under the same original trademark. New owners did not try to re-brand these cigarettes. The success secret is simply explained. The quality of these cigarettes did not change since years.

Users who buy these cigarettes now can enjoy the same Virginia tobacco taste as many years ago.

Original designers were skillful people who knew what the consumers expect from cigarettes and the popularity is still kept by this cigarette brand. Just new cigarette versions appeared alike the North American Benson & Hedges cigarette brand, which is distributed under the "Philip Morris" trademark.

We could tell very long about the amazing scent, spicy taste, and perfect quality of these cigarettes.

But there is no need to extremely advertise this wonderful brand. Any experienced smoker can understand its high-value properties.

We had better advise you how to conveniently order these cigarettes.

Many people consider the purchase of cigarettes is enough convenient in a shop. Maybe, they are right but working people cannot sometimes manage to buy cigarettes because they are busy. Or because they forget it, being too busy, and remember after they come back home and wish to light a cigarette. They should be greatly disappointed, being unable to enjoy smoking and enjoy a rest after a long, difficult working day. Instead, you can merely visit our online shop, place an order and soon have an order delivered to your door at any time, which is appropriate for you. Use this chance and enjoy your Benson & Hedges cigarettes.